1st semester

There are many outlets on campus that may be of interest to you. The following are just a few examples:

  1. Athletics - Join a winning team! Visit the Athletics website today to learn more.
  2. People In Transition - Learn about services provided for displaced homemakers.
  3. Security - Ease your concerns about campus security by visiting the Safety & Security website.
  4. Special Services - If you have a documented disability and would like assistance, please contact Special Services.
  5. Student Life - Learn about upcoming events on campus.
  6. Student Clubs - Check out GCC student clubs.
  7. Student Assistance Center - Offers student the opportunity to speak privately and confidentially with clinically trained staff about personal stressors, emotional difficulties, interpersonal problems, or other concerns
  8. Office of Veterans Affairs - provides assistance to veterans as they embark on their journey through higher education