1st semester

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Review The Campus Technology & Services

It is highly recommended that you review the following campus technology and services available to you:

  1. Portal - Logon to see campus announcements, register for classes, check your grades and more.
  2. GCC Email - Logon to the Portal and click Webmail to check your GCC email.
  3. eLearning - Logon to the Portal and click eLearning to see your online courses.
  4. IT Services - Learn about your H-drive, wireless spots on campus, open computer labs and more.
  5. Facebook - Join over 2,000 fans on the GCC Facebook to get updates, ask questions and talk to students.
  6. GCC Alert - Sign up to get text messages on school closings and more.
  7. Technical Support Desk - Contact the TSD for login problems and other technical assistance requests.